Monoclonal Isotyping Test Kit with light Chains, Mouse 10 pack

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10 test pouches

isotyping kit with light chains from MD Bioproducts

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The Rapid Mouse Monclonal Isotyping kit is a 5 minute rapid lateral flow assay with ELISA sensitivity for monoclonal antibody class and subclass determination.



Determining the class and subclass of a mononclonal antibody is useful in determining the best immunoglobulin purification method. For example, IgA and IgM are often best purified by size (gel exclusion) or on immuno affinity separation columns, whereas IgG2a and IgG2b can be purified on protein A at a pH of 7 to 8. IgG1 binds best to protein A at a pH of 8 to 9. In addition, each class and isotype can be digested to Fab fragments using the appropriate amount of pepsin or other enzymes.



Kit Components:

10 pouches containing three cassettes per pouch of the following

  • Cassette with a test-strip impregnated with anti-IgG1, anti-IgG2a, anti-IgG2b isotypes
  • Cassette with a test-strip impregnated with anti-Ig3, anti-IgA and anti-IgM isotypes
  • Cassett with a test-strip impregnated with anti-Kappa and anti-Lambda ligh-chains

Sample Diluent


Assay Sepcifications:

  • For use with Mouse ascites fluid or cell culture supernate samples
  • Read assay within 5-10 minutes
  • Small sample size < 5 uL
  • Strips contain a control line for verification of a successful run



How It Works

How It Works: 

isotype kitWhen a properly diluted sample containing a specific isotype is added to the sample-well, specific-class and subclass soluble complexes are formed with the embedded gold conjugates. These complexes travel the length of the membrane and are resolved on the anti-isotype and class-specific antibody-impregnated membrane. A control-line will appear on the membrane in the region marked “C” on the cassette, indicating a successful run.



For Mouse monoclonal antibody ascites fluid

For ascites fluid, the darker red line indicates the class or subclass antibody present. Often, additional weaker red lines appear indicating the presence of host serum immunoglobulins in the ascites.



For Cell culture supernate fluids:

For celll culture/supernatants a dark red line indicates which isotype or class-specific antibody is present. In very few instances, one or more additional weaker red line(s) may appear indicating multiple hybridoma clones.