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Use NeuroFreeze to retain up to 90 percent viability in frozen brain cells.

Preserved Neurons

The hippocampus and cortex are primary areas of study for neuroscientists as they maintain function roles for cognition, learning and memory and are involved in a number of CNS related conditions. Cell lines derived from the CNS have limitations because the neurons fail to recapitulate the characteristics of central neurons. Therefore the ability to culture and study primary neurons is of great interest, however the challenge is the preservation of these neurons once they have been harvested from the mouse or rat. 

The NeuroFreeze kit (Catalogue number M036041) can be used to freeze primary neurons from E18/19 rat and P0/P1mouse hippocampi and cortices. Neurons frozen in this media maintain high levels of viability (up to 90%) upon thawing. These neurons show all the expected characteristics of primary neurons, including appropriate morphology and expression of neuronal and synaptic markers. The availability of this media will enable investigators to freeze primary neurons from embryonic rats (E18) or P0/P1 wild type or genetically engineered mice.


Advantages using the NeuroFreeze kit (Catalogue number M036041):


  • High viability (up to 90%) upon thawing
  • Freeze primary hippocampus and cortical neurons
  • Works with rat and mouse neurons
  • Preserve cells from wild type or genetically-engineered animals
  • Never again waste leftover cells
  • Reduce costs


The images below show rat cortical neurons frozen and thawed with the NeuroFreeze medium. Rat Cortical Neurons at DIV 7, 14, and 21 stained with marker MAP2


rat cortical neurons



The NeuroFreeze kit is available in two sizes, 10 mL and 30 mL. The kit comes with four reagents and can be utilized to freeze and thaw neurons using the following protocols.