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MD Bioproducts Releases Recombinant Human ST2

MD Bioproducts, a division of MD Biosciences, Inc announces the launch of a Recombinant Human ST2 protein expressed from E. coli. MD Bioproducts offers a full line of ST2 products for use in a variety of research applications:


Monoclonal Antibody to mouse T1/ST2 (clone DJ8)

Monoclonal Antibody to human ST2L (clone B4E6)

Recombinant Human ST2 Protein

Mouse T1/ST2 ELISA


The ST2 gene is a member of the IL-1 receptor family, encoding a transmembrane protein with a structure similar to IL-1R1. A soluble form of the protein (ST2) is produced from the same gene by alternative splicing and is reported to be expressed in several cell types including fibroblasts and mast cells. Soluble ST2 has been reported to act as a negative regulator of Th2 cytokine production and elavated levels have been reported in several disease states and conditions including asthma, sepsis, and myocardial infarction.