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ArthritoMab™ Antibody Cocktail Guide and Data Pack


Get Steady and Controlled Disease Progression with only 2 mg ArthritoMab™ Antibody Cocktail

The collagen antibody-induced arthritis model (CAIA) is an excellent alternative model for evaluating compounds for efficacy in rheumatoid arthritis. Companies no longer need to wait 42 days for results or carry special colonies as is the case in the Collagen-induced arthritis (CIA) model and the K/BxN models respectively.

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  • Eliminate variability
  • No expensive colonies
  • Synchronized disease
  • Steady and controlled disease
  • Results in 12 days
  • Susceptible in a variety of strains including C57BL/6
  • Histopathological similarities to CIA
Optimized to use less antibody with C57Bl/6

The use of transgenic strains often require higher amounts of induction reagents or altered protocols to achieve acceptablelevels of disease. MD Bioproducts has optimized the ArthritoMab™ antibody cocktail for use in transgenic strains to eliminate the need for substantially higher amounts of antibody.

ArthritoMab Histological Analysis











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