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Aggrecan Antibody, N-terminal neoepitope ARG

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100 ug

mouse monoclonal antibody to aggrecan N-terminal neoepitope ATG, clone BC3 from MD Bioproducts

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Aggrecan monoclonal antibody to N-terminal neoepitope ARG (mouse, clone BC-3).  Aggrecan degradation products containing this neoepitope are rapidly released from the tissue in model explant culture systems and are also present in the synovial fluids of patients with degenerative joint disease.




During differentiation of neural precursor cells, neurospheres downregulate Chondroitin sulfate proteoglycans (CSPGs). Proliferating neural precursors synthesize lecticans, including aggrecan, which are downregulated with differentiation; suggesting a link between CSPGs and CNS precursor biology.




Immunogen: ARGSV synthetic peptide conjugate.

Clone: BC-3

Host: Mouse

Myeloma: x63-Ag8.653

Isotype: IgG1

Light Chain type: kappa

Specificity: Recognizes the aggrecanase (ADAMTS-1, -4 & -5)-generated N-terminal neoepitope ARG after cleavage between amino acids EGE and ARG within the interglobular domain of aggrecanase-catabolised aggrecan (Human aggrecan sequence enumeration). This antibody will not recognize the sequence ARG if it is in the non-cleaved intact aggrecan protein core; i.e. it will only recognize the aggrecanase generated neoepitope ARG.

Cross-reactivity: human, rat, cat, cow, dog, guinea pig, horse, pig, rabbit and sheep.

Purity: Affinity purified on protein G

Form: Liquid, 1 mL/vial

Concentration: 0.1 mg/mL

Storage: -20° C




How To Use

How To Use: 



  • Western Blot - Suggested dilution: 1:100. Detects a variety of epitopes between 50 and 250 kDa
  • IHC with frozen sections or formalin/PFA-fixed paraffin embedded sections



Technical Notes

Samples must be deglycosylated using 0.01 Units Chondroitinase ABC (Sigma), 0.01 Units

Keratanase (Seikagaku) and 0.0001 Units Keratanase II (Seikagaku) per 10μg S-GAG of nondeglycosylated

aggrecan for optimal epitope recognition.