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Aggrecan IGD Antibody

Aggrecan IGD Monoclonal Antibody, clone 6B4
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100 ug

monoclonal antibody to IGC aggrecan, clone 6B4 from MD Bioproducts

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Aggrecan IGD monoclonal antibody (mouse, clone 6B4).  This antibody detects aggrecan metabolites (intact or matrix protease-catabolised) in human synovial fluid samples



Proteoglycans are categorized depending upon the nature of their glycosaminoglycan chains (chondroitin sulfate, dermatan sulfate, heparan sulphate and keratan sulfate) as well as characterized by size. 

Aggrecan is a large aggregating proteoglycan of articular cartilage. It is also found in aorta tissue, discs, tendons and in the perineuronal net. It is responsible for hydrating cartilage, giving it compressibility and resilience during joint loading, thereby playing a major role in the normal function of cartilage. Depletion of glycosaminoglycan-bearing aggrecan fragments is one of the earliest events in cartilage destruction.




Immunogen: Synthetic peptide: EPEEPFTFAPEI


Clone: 6B4


Host: Mouse


Myeloma: x63-Ag8.653


Isotype: IgG1


Light Chain type: kappa


Specificity: Recognizes the linear amino acid sequence 394EPEEPFTFAPEI406 present in the interglobular domain (IGD) of human and bovine aggrecan.


Cross-reactivity: This antibody cross-reacts with human and bovine


Purity: Affinity purified on protein G


Form: Liquid, 1 mL/vial


Concentration: 0.1 mg/mL


Storage: -20° C



How To Use

How To Use: 




  • ELISA: Use at an assay dependant dilution.
  • IHC-P: Use at an assay dependant dilution.
  • IHC-Fr: Use at an assay dependant dilution.
  • WB: Use at a dilution of 1/100.



Technical Notes

Optimal dilutions/concentrations should be determined by the end user. This antibody

should work in IHC on formalin or paraformaldehyde-fixed paraffin embedded sections as

well as either alcohol-fixed frozen sections or un-fixed snap-frozen sections.

Samples are usually deglycosylated using 0.01 Units Chondroitinase ABC (Sigma), 0.01

Units Keratanase (Seikagaku) and 0.0001 Units Keratanase II (Seikagaku) per 10ug S-GAG

of non-deglycosylated aggrecan for optimal epitope recognition in SDS-PAGE and immunohistochemistry.