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Citrullinated Collagen Type II Antibody (Clone ACC-4)

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100 ug

mouse monoclonal antibody to citrullinated collagen type II, clone ACC-4 from MD Bioproducts

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Citrullinated collagen type II (Citrullinated CII) monoclonal antibody (mouse) for the detection of Citrullinated type ii collagen in immuno assay applications.



The citrullination of proteins is a post-translational modification where peptidyl arginine residues are converted to peptidyl citrulline by a family of enzymes called peptidyl arginine deiminases (PADs). Citrullination can be found in multiple tissue types and has been shown to occur in both human and mouse inflamed joints (1,2, 3). Proteins are susceptible to citrullination during inflammatory processes and an autoantibody response to citrullinated proteins is a hallmark of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). Antibodies against citrullinated proteins (ACPAs) can be found in 50-70% of all RA patients and have a high diagnostic value as a biomarker for detecting RA early (4,5). Current research is focused on understanding the detailed mechanisms causing direct inflammation of the joints and the self-perpetuating behavior of RA, via the recognition of post-translation modifications such as citrullination by T and B cells.



Immunogen: Citrullinated collagen type II peptide


Clone: ACC-4


Host: Mouse


Isotype: IgG1


Specificity: The antibody binds to the C1 epitope of citrullinated collagen type II as an a-chain peptide. The C1 epitope containes 2 arginines which can be postranslationally converted to citrulline. This antibody will recognize the 1st citrulline at position 360. Slight cross-reactivity is exhibited with cyclic citrullinated filaggrin peptide (i.e. CCP1).


Purity: Protein A purified


Form: Liquid, 1 mL/vial


Storage: -20° C



How To Use

How To Use: 




  • IHC