Complete Freund's Adjuvant, 4 mg/mL (5 mL)

Complete Freund's Adjuvant (CFA or FCA) is 4 mg/ml M. Tuberculosis (non-viable) in mineral oil. For in-vivo/in-vitro studies. Typically used for the boost of an immune response. Complete Freund's Aduvant (CFA or...



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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Complete Freund's Adjuvant (CFA or FCA) is 4 mg/ml M. Tuberculosis (non-viable) in mineral oil. For in-vivo/in-vitro studies. Typically used for the boost of an immune response.

Complete Freund's Aduvant (CFA or FCA) is widely used in immunological research for the preparation of antigen-adjuvant emulsions in laboratory animal studies. CFA contains cell wall components of heat killed Mycobacterium tuberculosis and is often used for the initial injection that stimulates an enhanced immune response.


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    • Format: Tan liquid with particles.
    • Composition: 4 mg/mL M. Tuberculosis H37 RA (non-viable) in mineral oil.
    • Application: For in-vivo/in-vitro studies. Typically used for the boost of an immune response.
    • Storage: Keep tightly closed. Store at 2-8 °C. Do not freeze.