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Complete Freund's Adjuvant, 4 mg/mL

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5 ml

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Complete Freund's Adjuvant (CFA or FCA) is 4 mg/ml M. Tuberculosis (non-viable) in mineral oil.



Complete Freund’s Aduvant (CFA or FCA) is widely used in immunological research for the
preparation of antigen-adjuvant emulsions in laboratory animal studies. CFA contains cell wall
components of heat killed Mycobacterium tuberculosis and is often used for the initial injection
that stimulates an enhanced immune response.



Format: Tan liquid with particles.
Composition: 4 mg/mL M. Tuberculosis (non-viable) in mineral oil.
Application: For in-vivo/in-vitro studies.
Storage: Keep tightly closed. Store at 2-8 °C.





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