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Fibrinogen ELISA - mouse

mouse Fibrinogen ELISA For the quantitative determination of Fibrinogen in mouse
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96 wells

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For the quantitative determination of Fibrinogen in mouse plasma samples



Fibrinogen (FBG) is a homodimer of molecular mass 340 kDa, made up of two sets of α, β, γ polypeptide chains, and synthesized in the parenchymal cell of the hepatocyte and in the megakaryocyte. FBG plays a major role in coagulation, and both elevated and decreased levels have clinical significance. Upon cleavage by thrombin in the initial stages of coagulation activation, FBG self-assembles to yield a fibrin clot matrix that subsequently is crosslinked by Factor XIIIa to form an insoluble network. FBG also binds to the platelet glycoprotein IIb/IIIa receptor so as to form bridges between platelets, thus facilitating aggregation. Elevated plasma FBG has been identified as an independent risk factor for coronary atherosclerosis and ischemic heart disease. Individuals with congenital absence of FBG, termed afibrinogenemia, have prolonged bleeding times.



Species: mouse

Sample Type:  plasma (suggested dilution)

Sample Size: 25 uL

Standard Curve Range:  0 - 40 ug/mL

Sensitivity:  0.5 ug/mL

Assay Length:   2 hours 40 min



Product Insert:

mouse Fibrinogen ELISA Insert (PDF)



ELISA Troubleshooting Guide

ELISA Data Reduction Guide





How It Works

How It Works: 

The Mouse Fibrinogen (FBG) ELISA kit is designed for detection of Mouse FBG in plasma. This assay employs a quantitative competitive enzyme immunoassay technique that measures FBG in less than 3 hours. A murine antibody specific for FBG has been pre-coated onto a 96-well microplate with removable strips. FBG in standards and samples is competed by a biotinylated FBG sandwiched by the immobilized antibody and streptavidin-peroxidase conjugate. All unbound material is then washed away and a peroxidase enzyme substrate is added. The color development is stopped and the intensity of the color is measured.


mouse fibrinogen ELISA