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As a scientist your goal is to communicate your research and make an impact in your field. Let us help - here’s what you need to do!


E-mail a digital copy of one of the following items to

  • journal publications*
  • thesis
  • posters
  • presentations

Include a reference in either the Materials & Methods section or the reference section as follows:

Product Name
MD Bioproducts, Division of MD Biosciences

MD Bioproducts will post your work as a downloadable document within the literature/support section of the website on the relevant product page.


Your reward for participating:
Scientific recognition and a
$25.00 Starbucks coffee card.


Terms and Conditions:

  1. Rewards will be issued for each item submitted if the research projects are different (i.e., powerpoint presentations, posters and journal publications for the same research project will only be eligible for one reward).
  2. Only one reward per publication - the first author to submit will be rewarded.
  3. MD Bioproducts will verify reagents are referenced in either the materials and methods section or the reference section of the document.
  4. It is the participant's responsibility to adhere to their institution's policies and guidelines.


*Journal Publications often require a subscription to the journal for access to the article. To adhere to the rules of each journal, we will not post actual articles on this site but will include a link to the journal article.  Additionally, we must be notified of your accepted publication that cites our product - prior to publication.