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Sales Support

MD Bioproducts sales and customer service representatives are ready to help you place your order, check your order status, answer your questions and direct you to the right technical representative.


Orders may be placed online, by email, phone or fax using a Mastercrd/Visa or a purchase order.

Email: products@mdbiosciences.com

North America:
Toll-Free: 888-USMDBIO
Phone: 651-641-1770
Fax: 651-641-1773 

Europe, UK and all other countries:
Phone: +41-44 986-2628
Fax: +41-44 986 2630 


Please include the following information with your order:

  • Quantity and Product Size
  • Product Catalog Number and Description
  • Name of Principal Investigator (optional)
  • Telephone Number, Fax Number, Email Address
  • For European Customers: VAT Number
  • Name of Institution/Company
  • Delivery Address
  • Name of Billing Contact
  • Invoice Address
  • Purchase Order Number or Credit Card Number*


* New customers wishing to use a PO, please fill out this form and submit to the appropriate sales office above.