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IL-18R Antibody

Polyclonal Antibody to human Interleukin-18 Receptor (IL-18R)
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0.5 mL

polyclonal antibody to human IL-18R from MD Bioproducts

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Interleukin-18 Receptor (IL-18R) polyclonal antibody (rabbit anti-human) specific for IL-18R on the surface of Th1/Tc1 cells.



Interleukin-18 receptor (IL-18R) is found to be expressed on memory T1 and T2 PBMC (peripheral blood memory leukocytes). The receptor is comprised of alpha and beta-chains that are encoded by the genes IL18R1 and IL18RAP. The IL-18R receptor mediates functions of the IL-18 cytokine including pro-inflammatory properties. The antibody can be used to understand the physiological and pathological functions of IL-18 responsiveness and for the study of signal transduction mechanisms. Furthermore, the antibody can be used as a marker to monitor lymphocyte subset changes in human disease.


Symbols/Alternate Terms:


  • IL18R1
  • IL18RAP




Form: 0.5 mL vial, supplied with 0.5 mL of pre-immune matched normal rabbit serum as control.


Specificity: Human Interleukin 18 Receptor, a cell surface marker present specifically on Th1/Tc1 cells.


Immunogen: A keyhole limpet haemocyanin-conjugated peptide to hlL-18R extracellular domain.



IL-18R Antibody Insert (PDF, 228 KB)


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How To Use

How To Use: 




  • Use as a specific Th1/Tc1 marker.
  • Suggested usage at 1/25 and detection with biotinylated goat anti-rabbit IgG followed by fluorochrome conjugated streptavidin for flow cytometry (FACS).
  • Also suitable for cell sorting and immunohistochemistry using fluorochrome detection.