Collagen Type V (Atelocollagen), Bovine, 1 mg

 Purified Bovine Collagen Type V from bovine placenta (atelocollagen).  



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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

 Purified Bovine Collagen Type V from bovine placenta (atelocollagen).


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Description: Purified Bovine Collagen Type V from bovine placenta (atelocollagen).

Form: Lyophilized, salt free, sterile 1mg / vial

Source: Bovine placenta

Purity: Bovine Collagen Type V (Atelocollagen) > 98%

Purification: Collagen was extracted from washed dissected tissue into dilute acetic after mild pepsin treatment- Collagen Type V was purified by using differential salt precipitation.

Sterility: Passed sterility test for bacteria and fungi. 

Application: Cell culture (coating)

Reconstitution: Dissolve in 20 mM acetic acid. Suspension should be shaken or stirred for several hours or overnight between 2-8°C. Material is dissolved when it appears homogeneous, with no schlieren pattern (light refraction due to differing protein concentrations in the suspension). Recommended concentration 1-5 mg/ml. After dissolution store 1 month at +4°C.

Storage: Lyophilized protein: shipping at ambient temperature, long term storage (2 years) at -20°C or lower. Storage of reconstituted protein 1 month at +4°C