Do products have an expiration date?
Yes, the expiration date and storage conditions are clearly marked on the product label. Product performance cannot be warrantied past this date.
What storage conditions are required for a product?
Each product has a recommended storage temperature stated on the label. Some products contain components that require special storage conditions. A special storage warning label will appear on these products.
How much ArthritoMab Antibody Cocktail is required to induce arthritis?
It is recommended that each laboratory optimize the amount of antibody required for their particular study. Laboratory conditions, mouse strains, suppliers and housing/feed can affect disease incidence and severity. As a guideline, 2-4 mg/mouse can be used when inducing arthritis in Balb/c using CIA-MAB-50 and 2-4 mg/mouse can be used to induce arthritis in C57Bl/6 when using CIA-MAB-2C.