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a flexible and affordable ELISA system

Highest Quality Collagen for Disease Induction

supplying the purest collagen type 2 for inducing arthritis in preclinical studies.

ArthritoMab™ Antibody Cocktail

A rapid alternative to standard arthritis models.

News and Publications

ACTH ELISA Featured Publication in Focus

Jun 14, 2021

MD Bioproducts

ODOR BLOCKING OF STRESS: In response to fear and stress, hypothalamic cortic...

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Featured Publication in Focus: Obesity alters the collagen organization and mechanical properties of murine cartilage

Apr 01, 2021

MD Bioproducts

Osteoarthritis is a debilitating disease characterized by cartilage degradat...

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Antiserum to Mouse IgD to Stimulate B Cell Activation

Mar 16, 2021

MD Bioproducts

Immunoglobulin D (IgD) is an antibody isotype that is found primarily on mat...

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