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Hyaluronic Acid Binding Region, Antibody

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monoclonal antibody to hyaluronic acid binding region of aggrecan, clone 1C6 from MD Bioproducts

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Hyaluronic acid binding region (HABR), clone 1C6, monoclonal antibody is used to detect the HA-binding region of Aggrecan.



In cartilage and many other tissues the hyaluronic acid binding site is at the amino (N-) terminus of the G1 domain of the chondroitin sulphate/ keratan sulphate GAG-substituted proteoglycan monomer aggrecan. This interaction with hyaluronic acid forms large proteoglycan aggregates in cartilage and several other tissues, which creates a confined region of negative charge within the extracellular matrix of the tissue. This arrangement allows the tissue to absorb and retain large quantities of water essential for a low friction surface.

Related Terms/Symbols:

  • HA-binding region
  • HABR
  • Hyaluronic acid binding region of aggrecan



Immunogen: Reduced and alklylated aggrecan monomer isolated from rat chondrosarcoma. 


Clone: 1C6


Host: Mouse


Isotype: IgG


Specificity: Amino acid sequence …QLQAAY… that is present both the G1 and G2 domains of cartilage aggrecan. This antibody reacts with human, pig, bovine, dog, rat, mouse, chicken and xenopus.


Purity: Affinity purified


Form: Clear liquid


Concentration: 0.1 mg/mL


Storage: -20° C



How To Use

How To Use: 



  • Western Blot 
  • IHC 



Technical Notes

No enzyme pretreatment required. However, reduction and alkylation prior to detection is recommended to denature the G1 and G2 domain of the aggrecan core protein and expose the epitope