Whitepaper - ArthritoMab™ Antibody Cocktail

ArthritoMab Antibody cocktail from MD Bioproducts and MD Biosciences

Drug development is a long and time-consuming process. Pharmaceutical companies are under constant pressure to fill their product pipelines, decrease the number of late-phase failures and accelerate the drug to market process – all with less resources. The need for innovative technologies to provide more information in a shorter amount of time and with minimal variability is crucial.

The ArthritoMabTM Antibody Cocktail consists of four monoclonal antibodies to CII, 3 of which are IgG2b isotypes that induce stronger arthritis. The ability to induce arthritis using an antibody cocktail to CII provides an efficient protocol as an alternative to the lengthy CIA and the variable K/BxN models.

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