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PCR Mycoplasma Detection

rapid PCR mycoplasma detection kit
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PCR mycoplasma detection kit from MD Bioproducts

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The PCR Mycoplasma test kit provides a rapid and sensitive PCR method for monitoring your cell cultures for mycoplasma contamination. 




Cell Cultures are used every day as a part of research methods. You rely on these cultures to be healthy, yet up to 35% may be contaminated due to mycoplasma. Mycoplasma contamination affects many cell functions including metabolism, morphology, protein synthesis and cell proliferation - all of which lead to unreliable results as well as lost time and resources. Since contamination is not typically visible by turbidity, routine screening for mycoplasma contamination is essential. 



The PCR Mycoplasma Test Kit is adequate to diagnose cell cultures infected with mycoplasmas. Infections usually result in mycoplasma titers of 105 –108 CFU/mL


The kit allows detection of Acholeplasma and Spiroplasma and the following Mycoplasma species:

  • M. fermentans
  • M. hyorhinis
  • M. arginini
  • M. orale
  • M. salivarium
  • M. hominis
  • M. pulmonis
  • M. arthritidis
  • M. bovis
  • M. pneumoniae
  • M. pirum
  • M. capricolum


Type of Mycoplasma Minimum Concentration Detected



PCR Mycoplasma Test Kit Insert (PDF, 388 KB)

PCR Mycoplasma Test Kit MSDS (PDF)




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How It Works

How It Works: 

PCR Mycoplasma Test Kit


rRNA gene sequences of prokaryotes, including mycoplasmas, are well conserved, whereas, the lengths and sequences of the spacer region in the rRNA operon (the region between 16S and 23S gene, for example) differ from species to species. The detection procedure utilizing the PCR process with this primer set consists of:



  • Amplification of a conserved and mycoplasma-specific 16S rRNA gene region using two primers.
  • Detection of the amplified fragment by agarose gel electrophoresis.



This system does not allow the amplification of DNA originating from other sources such as cultured cells or bacteria, which affect the detection result. Amplification of the gene sequence with PCR using this primer set enhances not only the sensitivity, but also the specificity of detection. Amplified products are then detected by agarose gel electrophoresis.